EPIC 2019 Badge Earned by @pierrechainsign

Only @pierrechainsign can delete this badge by tweeting the following:
@badgebotio #deleteepic2019badge-995763af6434f91ce646096e34984242

ePIC 2019 Attendee Badge

This badge is self-issued to attendess of ePIC 2019 conference.


This is a self-issuing badge. Send a tweet to @badgebotio from your twitter account. Include #epic2019badge (within the first 140 characters), why you are attending ePIC 2019 and (optionally) your zip/postal code and ISO Country Code (see example tweet below for format).

The BadgeBot will review your tweet. If it finds the hashtag , it will issue the badge and tweet it to you. The tweet will include the badge image and a link to where you can view your badge and its details. The evidence of your badge will be your tweet.

The zip/postal code will be used to make a map of recipients. This is an experiment we’d like to try at ePIC 2019.

Example Tweet:
@badgebotio I attended ePIC 2019 to connect with the Open Recognition Community. #epic2019badge [69000 FR]
Optional: Include a zip/postal code with ISO Country Code (See tweet example). Include a gif, photo or video.
Hashtag: #epic2019badge
Evidence: Link to your tweet to @badgebotio.


Question: Who can I issue this badge to?
Answer: To yourslef. The BadgeBot will issue the badge to the sender of the tweet.

Question: Can I issue one to myself?
Answer: Yes! This badge can only be issued to the sender of the tweet.

Question: What if I forget the hashtag?
Answer: Then BadgeBot won't know what badge you intend to send. Please send your tweet again.

Question: What if I forget the message about the conference?
Answer: The BadgeBot will still issue the badge and send the tweet.

Question: What if the tweet is not responded to by Badgebot?
Answer: Please send a DM to @badgebotio with a link to the tweet. Badgebot is a prototype and working with the twitter api can sometimes be tricky & limiting.

Question: Are these badges public or private?
Answer: These are all public tweets so the badges are public too.

Question: What if I don't want this badge?
Answer: BadgeBot will tweet you a link for your badge. On the top right of that page, there are instructions explaining how to delete your badge by sending a tweet.